Wikidata Card Game Generator

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Generate your own card game, suitable for playing Top Trumps, using Wikidata!

Think of a topic, and type its singular form into the search box over at Wikidata. Then, look for the entity ID near the top, which starts with Q. For example, the ID of chemical element is Q11344. Paste it in this box, and click Generate:

Here are some other topics you can try: capital, metro system, country, astronomical body, island, hackerspace, computer model, telescope, card game.

How does this work? We fetch items from Wikidata which are instances of arbitrary subclasses of the topic provided in the URL. We'll then find the properties which occur most often, and select the 32 cards which have as many of these as possible filled in. If your card is missing data or images, why don't you add that information to Wikidata? :)

Made for the Wikidata-Workshop 2019 in Ulm by bleeptrack and blinry. Source code is on GitHub, feel free to suggest ideas or report bugs!